Enrolment Policy

The Sacred Heart and St Paul's School Boards accept the following considerations as policy:

1:         Before any enrolment can be confirmed, it must receive the endorsement of the Parish Priest, in accordance with his duties under Canon Law.

2:         Governed by the message and spirit of the Gospels and Catholic Tradition, we will accommodate provisions of current awards and Agreements of the Education Services (Catholic Schools) Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

3:         Catholic Children shall have the right to a place in the schools of the Sacred Heart Parish. The schools will support the parents of these children in their choice of a Catholic Education. The parents, in their turn have a responsibility to support the schools in all aspects of their work to provide the best education possible according to Catholic tradition.

4:         Orthodox and Non-Catholic children will be considered for enrolment provided it does not result in the exclusion of Catholic children.  The Parents of these children will be required to give an understanding that they will respect the life, nature and identity of the particular school. Once enrolled, these children will have the right to complete their Primary education at that school.

5:         Children should turn five by the 30th April of their first year of school. However, we strongly recommend that children be five years of age before they start school.

6:         Generally, children will be accepted for enrolment at the school to which they are zoned according to their place of residence. However, current enrolment at a particular school, specific class sizes, and other local circumstance may require that a place be offered at a more distant school.

7:         Generally, the intellectual capacity of a child is not a criterion of entry to the school, (cf.8)

8:         Children with special needs shall be considered on an individual basis. The principal, in consultation with the Parish Priest and an Enrolment Support Group (formed in accordance with C.E.C.V. policy), will need to assess the school's capacity to provide adequate staffing resources and facilities such as to ensure that the school can cater for special needs of their children.  Additional avenues of support (finance, staffing, resources etc.) have been explored.

9:         At all times the mission, vision and policies of the schools must be considered. Specifically, we must consider our duty to foster the growth of the children in the values of the Gospels. Whilst the degree of faith commitment of the child's parents is a relevant consideration, it should not normally be a criterion for enrolling children in our schools.

10:       While it is important that parents appreciate their responsibility to pay such fees and levies as are determined by the Sacred Heart and St Paul's School Boards, it must be pointed out that no child would ever be excluded from either school because of non payment of such fees and levies.  Parents have the opportunity to make arrangements with the Parish Priest and the appropriate principal for an alternate system of payment, a reduction in the amount payable, or for an exemption if warranted by the circumstances.